Best Places for Nightlife in India

India is becoming a very popular country in the world for a number of reasons. It boasts of some of the best beaches, has a number of old style design temples that still mesmerize people with their pure artistic work, pleasant climate among other attributes. Lately, the country is slowly but steadily gaining momentum in […]

5 Best Must Do Things in Himachal

There are plenty of activities to be carried out in Himachal Pradesh to make a visit here more interesting and fun. Here are some of them; 1-Trek to Saru Tal Image Credits Being a nature attraction site for nature as well as height lovers, this location stands out as a versatile site, ready to welcome […]

Wild Life Sanctuaries, Sikkim

In an effort to protect the rich flora and fauna of the area, the government decided to set up some wildlife sanctuaries and parks across Sikkim. These sanctuaries serve the purpose of preserving the biodiversity of the land and culture so that they will not be depleted by hunters and poachers. Khang-chen-dzonga National Park (KNP) […]

Trekking in Sikkim

Trekking is the act of walking for days for the purpose of enjoyment, adventure and/or expedition. Sikkim is a wonderful place to accomplish all three. The Himalayas in Sikkim offers a wide, unspoiled mountain range that could satisfy the heart of all true trekkers. There is a the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary that passes through forests […]

Lakes in Sikkim

Sikkim has many beautiful lakes dotting its landscape. Most of the lakes in Sikkim are considered sacred and are revered by the people. The North Sikkim plateau adjoining Tibet has a number of mountain lakes of which Gurudongmar and Chho Lamo are the most famous. Chho Lamo is the source of the Teesta River. The […]