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5 Must Try Adventures in Coorg

Dark chocolate and coffee estates – these two terms are the best definitions of Coorg. Surrounded by blue mountainous range, Coorg is the ultimate destination if you want to escape your urban life and have some serenity. But not everyone wants that, do they? In that case, you do not need to be disappointed at all. Apart from enjoying the natural aura, Coorg is also famous for hosting many adventures as well. It could be sports, it could be something else. Let us have a look here.

1. River Rafting

River Rafting at the Barapole River is one of the best adventurous experiences one can every collect from Coorg. During the monsoon season, Coorg is the best place to experience the white water rafting. From Grade I to V, Coorg has every river rafting option open for you. And the pocket pinch of this adventure is just Rs. 1,200 to 1,500 per person. It’s an absolute must thing to do in Coorg.

2. Trekking and Camping

Credit: Explara

If you are a camping person, you will surely love the spirit of Coorg. Surrounded by many hills and mountains, Coorg is blessed with many trekking trails that you can easily explore. Also, you can bring your own tent and have a great camping experience too if you want. Kodachadri and  Mullayanagiri are the famous two places where you can trek and camp.

3. Bathe elephants

Credit: Curly Tales

You cannot surely tame a wild elephant, but it is fun to cuddle a pet elephant, isn’t it? At the Dubare Elephant Camp of Coorg, you can bathe an elephant and spend some time with him as well. It is adventurous and a very calming experience for the animal lovers for sure. Situated in Kushalnagar, you can experience this once in a lifetime experience for just Rs. 670 per person.

4. Experience the Wildlife

If you are not satisfied just by bathing an elephant, you can surely go for more wildlife to explore. Nagarhole National Park, Pushpagiri National Park and Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary are the three places where you can book a safari and enjoy the wildlife. Even in the sanctuary, the deer and monkeys of these sanctuaries are quite friendly and they do not mind coming into your vehicles for a piece of banana. Also, if you are lucky enough, you can spot tigers in these sanctuaries as well.

5. Enjoy the falls

Credit: JourneyMart

Abbey fall is one of the places of Coorg that gives you the sense of nature and trekking at the same time. The snow white water of this falls is absolutely mesmerising and the 1 kilometre trekking is beautiful as well. You can spend some alone time by the side of the Abbey falls if you want. And if you are into coffee and spice, you can explore some shops nearby this waterfall as well.

These 5 adventurous places might not be enough to describe the beauty of Coorg but they are sure the main part of it. So, if you want to tickle your adventurous self for the sake of travelling, this is the chance. Happy Travelling!

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