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Hyderabad – The city of Nizam

If you are a fan of culture, history, and heritage, the city of Hyderabad, ruled by the Nizam for decades before colonization is a must watch for you. Currently divided into two major parts, the Banjara Hills and the Jubilee hills, Hyderabad is the perfect blend of modernity and ethnicity. Starting from the famous Hyderabadi Biriyani to experiencing the local royal perfumes used during the reign of Nizam commonly known as ittar, this state will never fail to surprise you with its beauty. Here are a few places that is a must watch when you visit the city of Hyderabad.


A very popular mosque in Hyderabad the Charminar was built during the reign of Nizam and is characterized by its unique four pillars from which it derives its name. Apart from being a sacred place for the Muslims, this is a huge tourist attraction because of its beautiful architecture and wall carvings. The local markets near Charminar are also a great attraction from where you can buy a number of local stuff including fresh figs.

Salarjung museum

Salarjung museum
source: EziiTours

Known as the Palace of the nizam of Hyderabad, Salrjung Museum is a storehouse of artifacts! Do not miss out on the beautiful marble carvings including the famous Veiled Rebecca by the world famous sculptor Benzoni. It is hard to believe the number of marble structures and the artifacts that the museum comprises of.

The entire museum is divided into an enormous number of rooms which preserves the articles used by the Nizam and his family. Starting from war weapons to articles of everyday use, everything has been carefully preserved for centuries now. The museum also has the First ever Rolls Royce in India called the silver ghost.

Golconda Fort

Often thought to be the summer palace of the Nizam of Hyderabad, this fort was constructed very strategically to protect the territories of Nizam from enemies. The fort was built on boulders initially and now a separate set of stairs have been constructed till the top of the fort by the archaeological survey of India for the tourists. The fort has a special area where you can clap your hands and a person form below will be able to hear you. This was earlier used by the ministers of the Nizam to alert the people from their enemies. As you reach the top of the fort, you will be able to see a breath taking panoramic view of the entire city.

Seven tombs

Seven tombs
The tombs of the seven Qutub Shahi rulers in Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad are located close to the famous Golkonda Fort. They are simply brilliant. | source: Flickr

Commonly known as Qutub Shahi Tomb, is right opposite to the Golconda Fort and was constructed in the memory of Qutub shah and comprises of 7 distinct tombs. The unique structure of the white domes on which the entire construction is balanced is worth having a look. The 7 tombs were constructed to burry all the family members of Qutub Shah and has 7 tombs of different sizes. The main tomb of the ruler is however buried underground which you can see once you go down through the stairs on the ground floor.

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