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Kyrgyzstan located in Central Asia is a beautiful country preserving the culture of nomadic Turkish people. Being surrounded by Kazakhstan on the north and China in the east and Uzbekistan in the west and Tajikistan in the south this place is covered with pristine locations. Located mostly on mountain crest this place with Bishkek as its capital mostly constitutes of the Muslim Turkish people. Apart from the rich culture which is reflected in the lifestyle of the people, it is surrounded by woodlands, slopes and water bodies all around.


Kyrgyz were early nomadic people who resided in the Soviet under Russian rule rose into independence in the year 1991. During that time many Germans and Russians migrated from there. However, to date, some of its population still consists of Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Tajiks, Tatars, Dungans, Kazakhs and Russians. The small ethnic groups constitute about one-eighth of the population while the rest of it is covered by the Kyrgyz.


Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful place surrounded by amazing places all around. This untouched beauty has many undiscovered places which will give you a heavenly feeling along with a taste of nomadic life which you can encounter nowhere else.


If you are a history nerd this is the best place for you. this huge standing tower 25 m tall is the only remains from the once flourishing city of Balasagun.  The tower may look like an old rusted tower but its immense architecture which makes it stand strong yet intrigues many of its visitors.

If you are a history nerd this is the best place for you. this huge standing tower 25 m tall is the only remains from the once flourishing city of Balasagun.  The tower may look like an old rusted tower but its immense architecture which makes it stand strong yet intrigues many of its visitors.



If you are a beach lover visit this place because this will definitely be one of the most gorgeous destinations you have ever been to. Being the second largest saline lake and seventh deepest lake in the world this place is surrounded by huge canyons on one side with never-ending waters in front of you. The waterfalls, gorgeous location, hiking and bird watching activities and the white sands of the shore are some of the activities you can do there.


Situated near lake Issyk-Kul this is not one waterfall but the embodiment of three waterfalls.  The first one is for amateurs while the rest too is difficult to hike. The pristine waters and horseback ride along with trekking on the hills amidst the dense forests is a great thrill to add to your trip.


Kyrgyzstan is very popular for its handicrafts. If you are an art lover and into making things you can book your workshop here and learn to make handicrafts. The people are friendly and welcoming and the best part is that they are the best in what they do. Learn to make toys, clothes, rugs, carpets(Shyrdaks),  clothes and immense other handicraft techniques.


This being the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan is another virgin beauty of this place. As Kyrgyzstan is popular for its horse riding culture it is easy to travel to this lake on a horse ride passing through the treacherous snow clad mountains.  This desolate area was early used by nomadic people for cultivation. You can still see some yurts where people live to look after their land and animals. Feel free to talk with the people and learn more about this place’s history.

6. ALA KUL:-

This place referred to as “Pristine diamond of the Karakol Canyon” is definitely the amazing landscapes you see in your desktop but don’t know where it is situated.  The significant feature of this lake is the changing color of the lake from blazing purple to blue to pink depending upon the time of the year. The journey which takes you to this torquise water body is also worth mentioning. You will be traveling amidst mountains covered with snow, beautiful valleys and landscapes which can never be expressed in words. Trekking to Ala Kul is one of the highlights of visiting Kyrgyzstan.


If you love hiking make sure to not miss out on this place. This secluded land is a famous spot for its natural valleys and pristine landscapes. The name Altyn Arashan comes from” Golden Spa” which refers to the natural hot springs emerging here. An ideal spot for camping this hike will only seem to be refreshing rather than tiring.


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Popularly known as Fairy tale canyon this place will astonish you with its never-ending beauty of landscapes.  Covered with pristine lakes and snow clad mountains this place is covered with different shades of red landscapes all around. This spectacular location has rightly earned the name of Fairytale canyon as the different structure resembles different castle-like formations encaptivating you with its breathtaking scenario.


This being the largest lake in the world is a natural reservoir. Located on the Chinese border and Kok-Kiya valley this place is very difficult to access but worth every step. The hills, water bodies, caves, and rocky crags make this place beautiful beyond imagination. Once you trek through the mountains you can reach an island present in the center of the lake. Since this natural reservoir is formed by the melting of glaciers the water levels may elevate or fall.

10. OSH:-

This place is the cultural capital of Kyrgyzstan. The traditional food, music, clothes, lifestyle even the buildings reflect their culture. Called as “Berlin of South Asia” this place has world famous arts culture prevailing in its history. This vibrant city has finger-licking street food, shops and markets of handicrafts, clothes, art, and jewelry with creativity you will find nowhere else in the world.

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