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One of the best places to visit for travelers, Nepal is a popular tourist destination in India from sightseeing to religious significance to trekking to beautiful lakes this place provides the best opportunity. This popular place shares its border with China and Bangladesh making these places a hub for tourists all around the world.


Among the numerous best places in Nepal make sure to visit the following 10 places


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. This place preserves the ancient culture along with the modern capitalized touch of Nepal. But this iconic beauty is not just popular for that. All the trekkers and mountain climbers find this place to be ideal for trekking and exploration. The sightseeing from the trekking mountains is major.

The trekking route follows through Mount Everest making this place more attractive to tourists. Not only that this place also has many important religious pilgrimages of Lord Buddha and Hindus.  Some of the popular are Pashupati temple and Boudhanath. The best flavors of Nepal are extravagantly present in the cuisine here.


Nagarkot is a picturesque destination located near Kathmandu. Located near the Himalayan hills this place provides breathe taking views from every corner of the town.  This surreal beauty is popular for the views of Himalayan ranges in all its vicinity within close proximity and also for the beautiful sunrise and sunsets.


If you are a history buff and you love travelling and exploring ancient places with a rich history this is the place for you. This place is popular for showcasing its unique structure of architecture mainly of the Hindu temples. In 2015 Nepal experienced a heavy earthquake in this region, yet this place has been able to surpass the tragedy without much loss. The Bhaktapur temple has rich intricate interiors with scriptures carved on it along with excellent designs on the exterior. Being rich in local culture the crafts, the temples, the puppets, and the handicrafts are the most dominating feature of this place.


This is the most important place of Nepal. Being a birthplace of Lord Buddha it is visited by many tourists throughout the year. A worshipper or not this places’ serenity and peaceful environment will move your heart towards devotion. The monastery is covered by dense tall res all around which soothes your soul and mind. It is very calm here and once you visit here you will experience a lot of positivity.


Lake Phewa located in the Bokhara valley is home to more than 22 aquatic fishes. This calm place has water covering the lands as far youth eyes go. This place is popular among tourists for fishing. Boating experience is also available for witnessing the fishes from a closer range.


Even if you plan a short trip to Nepal make sure to visit Asia’s Largest stupa “Boudhanath Stupa”. This place is the only place in the entire world where Tibetan Buddha culture is acknowledged. This place is unique in design and magnificent and leaves the tourists with their jaws dropped.


This places is the highest lake water system in the entire world consisting of 6 rivers as an embodiment. The water here is always cold as it comes from the Himalayas. Make sure to visit this place where you can also get to view the paranomic views of the Himalayas. Go for trekking in the Himalayas and take a dip in this water. Many people consider this to be holy water.

8. PATAN:-

Patan is considered among the royal cities of Nepal. This place has rich architecture, excellent cuisine, amazing local culture with one of the best hotels in Nepal. This place suffered a huge loss during the earthquake in 2015 but still preserves some of the ancient monuments.


This national park comes under the best national parks of India. Covering an area of 934 sq km this huge park is a home for many endangered species. The one-horned Rhinos and the rare species of birds are the main attraction. This place is also preserved under UNESCO making it popular worldwide. The safari rides and trekking opportunities make this place more thrilling.


This national park is popular for providing amazing biking expeditions through the rivers of the Godavari, Bungamati and Chapagaun. Here you can also go for trekking. A perfect blend o trekking long with biking through the hills is one of the most exhileraating experiences. The bike and safety measures like the helmet and jacket are provided by them, ride a bike through the hills and you will discover many beauties of Nepal.

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