The lovely island country of New Zealand is a perfect example of how diverse a country can get. This little place is home to almost every single thing that your heart desires. It has something for everyone. From beaches to forests, from adventure sports to calming museum tours, from bustling nightlife to a tranquil hike – there is hardly anything you cannot experience here. New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries that are brimming with life and landscapes so amazing that your heart will leap in joy. The breathtaking beaches, the obvious fjords, the gushing waterfalls, and the Maori culture- the fusion is wonderful.

Here is a list of things that New Zealand has to offer to make sure you fall in with even more:

Adventure Galore

Kayaking in Lake Wanaka | source: Medibank

Bungee Jumping:

If you are in New Zealand and haven’t tried bungee Jumping, then are you even in New Zealand. This beautiful country is the home to the highest bungee jumping point, that can even make the adventure enthusiasts’ hair stand up. The Nevis bungee jump is about 500ft high and is a pure adrenaline rush.

If you are new to this adventure sport, then you can also try a few smaller ones, which you will find in abundance in Auckland and Queensland. But, no matter what, if you are into the thrill of an adventure then don’t give this one a miss.


If you are looking for more adventure that has there power to make you scream out loud, then look no further, New Zealand has that covered too. Just launch yourself from 15,000 ft from the sky as you skydive into oblivion. The feeling of just letting go and jumping while the scenic New Zealand background makes you feel like you are diving into paradise is something that will take your breath away.


If you plan on coming here during the winter months then you are in for a treat. The entire country transforms into a winter wonderland bursting with amazing adventure activities that you can do. Just get over to the slopes and ski your heart out with some amazing background to keep you company all through the day.

National Parks

Mount Cook National Park New Zealand | source: Backpacker Guide NZ

Abel Tasman National Park:

New Zealand is extremely rich when it comes to flora and fauna. It has some of the most amazing national parks and other biomes which will launch you into the lap of nature.

The Abel Tasman National Park is brimming with dense green forests, azure blue waters and scenic views that will make your walkthrough here all so beautiful.

You can also stay here at camps, which will just make this experience so much more beautiful. But whether you can staying or just passing through, just make sure to stop and engulf all the beauty of this eerie forest within you.

Mount Cook National Park:

This amazing place is the abode to some of the highest mountains and longest glaciers in New Zealand. Once you are here you will be enthralled by the mountains that seem to be touching the clouds. This national park is throbbing with unique flora and fauna, which you have nerve seen before. Away from the busy city life, this place is perfect to enjoy some quiet time in the lap of nature. Sit by the beautiful Lake Pukaki and look up at the sky, as the birds flock together and fly higher and higher.

Activities in New Zealand

Rail Adventure Land Journey, Auckland to Christchurch | source: Travelmarvel

Scenic Rail Travel:

The beauty of New Zealand lies in its enchanting and ethereal landscapes that can put even the nest photoshopped images to shame.

The country is so scenic that you will find it hard to choose between enjoying the view and having the urge to click every small thing and treasure it.

To experience this in an even more enhanced way, you must embark on some of the most scenic rail journeys that will take you through the most magical routes. The railways will traverse through unknown territories and wonderful terrains. You can view the Coastal line, and the rustic volcanic landscapes also. The journey is like the entire country just unfolding and blooming in front of your eyes. From mountain gorges to turquoise rivers, you will witness every one of God’s work.

The Great Walks:

New Zealand is famous for its hiking trails, and many visitors coming to New Zealand just to experience these wonderful routes. However, if you are new to New Zealand and are confused which trek to embark upon, then make sure you choose the most iconic nine Great Walks, which will take you through some of the prettiest places on the entire earthen.

You will walk through Lake Waikaremoana Track, as you walk into some chilling rainforests.

The Tongariro Northern Circuit will exhaust you while also rejuvenate you with some of the most amazing landscapes. You will see active volcanoes, lakes that change colours and waterfalls that will make your heart soar.

Beach Hoping:

The wonderful part about New Zealand is the deep blue sea that surrounds it and makes it even more heavenly. Make sure to visit some of the finest beaches that will surprise you with their pristine clean beaches and emerald coloured water. If you want to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches, along with some delicious seafood, then head over to North Auckland.

How To Move Around In New Zealand

Wellington cable car ride | source: Backpacker Guide NZ

Most of the major cities in New Zealand have well established public transports. You can hop on to a bus, and cover most of the city life. You can also get bus passes in cities like Auckland and Queensland, which will make your travel cheaper. The underground metro is also well established in these cities. Some buses go through different cities in New Zealand.

New Zealand also has few trains, some of which are known to pass through scenic routes, going you a great view of the uncharted territories of the country. There are mainly three trains- Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific, and TranzAlpine.

You can walk around and explore the beauty of New Zealand. Just get on your feet and walk through this beautiful country.

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