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Phuket located in the southern provinces of Thailand is Thailand’s largest island along with 32 other small islands. After Singapore Phuket is the second smallest province of Thailand.

Origin of its Name

The origin of the name Phuket has many histories. Amongst them, one is that it is derived from the word Bukit which means hill in the language Malay as the island looks like a hill from distance. Prior to Phuket it was earlier known as Thalay which means cape. In some of the provinces still, this name is popular.


Fernao Mendes Pinto was one of the famous European explorers to detail and find out Phuket. He referred to this as ‘junk island’ as it was used to trade vessels and supplies with other countries. It slowly becomes influenced by pirates as their area for planning loot. 

Gradually the French, English, and Dutch competed for this island however Siamese king Narai wanted to reduce their influence and finally the French monopoly was expelled after the French revolution. In December 2004 tsunami, Phuket suffered from huge damage which was recovered as Thailand launched the first tsunami detection byous to be positioned around the Indian ocean as a part of a regional warning system.

Top places to visit and things to do in Phuket

1. Phi Phi Island

Credit: Phuket

This island known as Thailands superstar, island is popular all around the world for its astonishing beauty. This beach played a major role in the movie “The Beach”. It’s a love at first sight scenario with no hustle and bustle and sheer cliffs tower overhead that gives the view of the beach fronted with jungles. It is a must to visit if in Phuket.

2. Phang Nga Bay

Credit: GetYourGuide

This unique place with sheer limestone cliffs that vertically cut out of the green emerald waters give an unforgettable experience. A leisure trip cruising through the limestones which are home to sheltered fauna is a dream sight.

3. Big Buddha

Credit: The Crazy Tourist

Big Buddha is a major tourist attraction for many people. It is located on the top of Nakkerd hills between Chalong and kata. This monumental beauty is reinforced with concrete and layered with beautiful Burmese white jade marble which shines in the sun. Along with big Buddha, there is a small Buddha made up of gold along with many other Buddhas. The drive you through big Buddha gives you a view of real Thailand as you reach the top.

4. Night Markets

Phuket’s impressive selection of night markets which has a unique charm of its own is visited by every tourist. The main attraction of this place which draws the tourist is the extremely low prices, splendid street food which is filled with excellent performances and music. This place gets really crowded in the evenings as most people go there for shopping. Along with shopping the music and environment really hype you up with positive energy.

5. Wat Chalong Temple

Phuket’s Wat Chalong Temple is a tone of the most visited temple almost by every tourist throughout the year. One of the most important Buddhist statues is Poh Than Jao Wat. This place is of great historical significance. It is designed beautifully with infinite tiny glittering pieces of glass which makes the reflections beautiful.

Credit: Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

This archaeological beauty has an air-conditioned museum of Luang Poh Cham which has wax statues resembling them. The most dominating feature of this temple is the Grand Pagoda which has a bone of Lord Buddha and is officially named as Phramahathatchedi Jomthaibarameepragat. This place has beautiful scriptures of Buddha depicting his life story.

6. Simon Cabaret


This is a world famous transvestite cabaret show performed by globally famous ‘ladyboys’. Their dazzling costumes, extravagant décor, melodious music along with perfect gorgeous body and faces along with their outstanding skills makes the show, mesmerizing. One who never visits this can never understand the charm and fun in this show.

7. Phuket Trickeye Museum

Credit: ActivityFan

This is one of a kind and the best museums of Phuket. Located in the southern part of Phuket this museum stimulates creativity and imagination among the visitors. This museum was solely established with an intention to engage the visitors with the art in a new way. It has 3D art with amazing pieces and as you roam around the museum each piece of art blows your mind.

8. Phuket Aquarium

Credit: Ithaka

For waterlife lovers, one must witness the beauty of Phuket aquarium. There are very rare aquatic animals of the underwater. This is a great place to visit with family and to learn about aquatic life and their ecological balance. As you move through the tunnels you embrace the beauty of various aquatic creatures which makes it a fun place.

9. Fantasea


Fantasea is a cultural show which resembles the cultural heritage of Thailand. The charm and true essence of Phuket is showcased by amazing performances, lavish decors, digital rich effects, and excellent stage plays. This place has many theme parties, adventurous rides, fun games, lip drolling foods and old markets to give you an entire fun time for recreation.

10. Khao Rang Viewpoint

This place has an excellent view to offer its visitors. Located in the northwest of Phuket a breathtaking view of the entire town, along with the neighboring hills and beaches. These hills are known as the spine of Phuket because of the view they provide builts up entire Phuket. This may seem an adventurous plan but it also has luxurious bars and hotels to enjoy along with the view.

Credit: Phuket 101

Phuket is a beautiful place of Thailand and these were namely few of its beauties. It is full of shrine slike shrine of serene light, Jui Tuis shrine, and many others. It is usually filled with Buddhist shrines as most of the Thais are Buddhist. Apart from shrines, there are enumerable beaches and islands like Khai island, Raya Island, Koh Mai Ton, Nai Harn Beach, and many others.

It has beautiful parks, aquariums, zoo, and sanctuaries. Each part of this island reflects the true beauty, lifestyle, and culture of Thai people. No matter which part of Phuket you visit each corner holds a glorious surprise for you.

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