The capital of this pretty little island country, Wellington has everything that you can want from your life. From a nightlife that is buzzing with life and fun, to a thriving cultural presence that you can plunge into by visiting some amazing museums.

You must completely surrender yourself to the art and culture of this place so that you can experience this place as a local does. 

If you can’t get enough of the biodiversity of New Zealand, then make your way to the Wellington Botanical Garden which will push you into a world of nature. The park, even though located in this bustling city of Wellington, is a breath of fresh air. It has an amazing plan collection, sculptures and even a rose garden. Just sit at the cafe inside this park and enjoy some wonderful times here.


The Maori culture of New Zealand, which is the most authentic and traditional culture of New Zealand, is celebrated in the most mesmerizing way in Rotorua. If you are in New Zealand you must know its roots. So head over here to enjoy some enriching Maori cultural shows that will leave you enthralled. This city is also popular for its thermal spas that will rejuvenate you and heal you from the inside.


Another amazing town to visit when in New Zealand, is the coastal beauty Kaikoura. You can spend some great idle moments here, by just gazing at the scenery which is covered with intimidating mountains, or just stare at the magnificent dolphins and whales that keep swimming through the great ocean.


Queenstown is the kind of city that you won’t be able to get enough of. From colourful fun-filled activities to some of the most amazing restaurants, Queensland has some kind of an irreplaceable aura. This is the city to engage in some breathtaking adventure sports and let all of your inhibitions go. Queensland has the power to liberate you and make you more free and open-minded.

Milford Sound:-

Milford Sound is so beautiful that it will be a sin to miss this heavenly place. This is essentially a fjord, a fjord is a geographical landscape then there is a small stream flowing amid mesmerizing cliffs, usually created by a glacier.

The entire place is surrounded by serene rainforests and tranquil waterfalls. When you are here you must visit the Stirling Falls and Bowen Falls, which fall peacefully through the cracks of the mountains. You can also dial on a boat and see some beautiful coral life, through the  Underwater Observatory.


This wonderful summer and ski resort town, is the perfect place to relax and renovate yourself. Away from the maddening crowd, you can come here to explore the Southern parts of New Zealand.

The Wanaka lake itself has a magnetic charm that will make you want to keep coming back. The summer months you can kayak, sail or hop on to jet boards o this lake.


If you are into the world of fantasy and magic, then a trip to Hobbiton is a mist. One of the most popular activities in New Zealand, Hobbiton is a movie set which was used in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The sets are so lavish and the journey itself is mystical. You will be passing through a huge sheep farm, as you enjoy some magnificent views of hr Kamai Range. As you reach here, you will find the entire set unfolding and coming alive in front of your own eyes.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves:-

One of the most fascinating things to do in New Zealand is to sail through the enchanting yet eerie Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Not only is the ambience- traversing through dark caves amazing, but you will be enthralled by the millions of worms that are up to the roof of the caves. These worms glow up and cover the enter cave with their bioluminescent lights. The entire cave lights up like a starry sky, and you can hear gasps all through your journey. The scene is heavenly, as you sail through the river and above you, the cave comes alive.