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Walking through the European Avenues

If you are a traveler and it has been a long time since you have visited any vibrant city then this place is the best option for you. Europe’s vibrant architecture, lively people, nightlife and of course the food is something you will cherish forever.

Best Places to visit in Europe


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Paris has to be number 1 if you are planning to visit Europe.  This city of lovers is filled with iconic monuments, churches, and other important buildings. Even an evening stroll around the city feels very refreshing. Not to mention the Eiffel Tower and the Notre-Dame are the main features of this city. Also, the wine and food around the cafes are some amongst the best in the entire world.



This place has pure Italian flavors and aura waiting to welcome you. The Colosseum, St.Peters Basilica, Trevi fountain are a few of the monuments here which set an example of their architectural style. The food here is pure Italian and the pasta here is the best you have ever eaten.


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This place is an iconic beauty. The people here are so generous and the kindest. Make sure to visit the Tower of London being the most dominating tourist spot here. The pubs, hotels, and things here are a bit costlier than other places in Europe so try not to get cheated by frauds.


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All the romantic images and videos of couple rowing in boats under a bridge is situated in Venice. This romantic city with colorful walls of the houses and the boats and stream of water all set up an ambiance for a perfect romantic trip for lovers. Even though apart from lovers anyone can come to and witness the theaters, churches and historical sights. The people here are simple and genuine and you will not regret coming here.


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Football lovers will definitely try this place out. Apart from that the diverse architecture of Gaudi’s Parc Guell, Montjuic castle along with other monuments are splendid. Take a trip around a city and you will be amazed by the unique complex architecture you see around.



If you are tired of the city strolls and are looking for a more secluded option then visit Scotland. This place is mostly in the countryside with pristine grasslands, dense woodlands, soothing flowers, and coastal paths.  In a place like this, there is no hurry and no worries. Enjoy the warmth of this place. Visit the Outer Hebrides here. the beaches and the cuisine of seafood are finger licking delicious.


source: Visit Portugal

If you love swimming and diving and everything about beaches visit Portugal. The whirling seas and tides add up a little bit of thrill to your trip. Soak in the geothermal hot springs, enjoy the volcanic beaches, geographical islands and take a trip to the nearby villages. The villages near the sea go for fishing in the sea in the early morning. If you enjoy fishing you can go for fishing along with them. Also, this place provides a great atmosphere for hiking.



Visit Germany is a roller coaster ride of their rich history in the form of museums and monuments. This place is popular for its street life. The theatrical performances, concerts, cafes, antique everything is found on the streets and you will be astonished by seeing the charm of the people there. The colorful streets and walls have graffitied and history is reflected throughout Germany. Nature and the parks are not affected by the city life at all. there are vast stretches of Greenland all around.



This city is most popular because of its music. The people here are so friendly that it is contagious. Apart from that the gothic architecture, their dances even the streets have to be acknowledged for their structure. The delicious food and exceptional unique designs of houses are a treat to your eyes.


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Another popular place for football lovers this place speaks for itself in regards to the architecture and lifestyle. Try out the Spanish food and you will not want to taste any other food. Enjoy the Florence show, top-rated museums, chilling nightlife and cobbled streets. The city is a perfect blend of the past lifestyle and its sparkling future.

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