Kalimpong is a bazaar town that is spread on a ridge above the Teesta River with the Khang-chen-dzonga mountain ranges in the distance. It is located in the Dajeeling district in Northern West Bangal, India. Although not as busy and crowded as Darjeeling, Kalimpong has its own attractions of splendid Himalayan scenery, serene retreats, Buddha shops, temples, churches and a thriving nursery industry.


There are some really interesting places to visit in and around Kalimpong. This includes Gauripur House (home of the great Bengali poet Ravindra Nath Tagore), Mangal Dham (a temple) and Deolo (the highest point in Kalimpong) which offers a guest house with spectacular vistas and views.

Dr Graham's Homes - One of the places to visit would be Dr. Graham's renowned orphanage and school which was established in the late nineteenth century by Christian missionaries seeking to Christianize the Buddhists.

Please note that it is important to check the status of the security situation before arriving in Kalimpong as there are still Gurkhas that are active in the area. There is even a small shrine erected there in honor of the assassinated Gurkha leader, C. K. Pradhan, who was killed here in October 2002 after being implicated in an assassination attempt on the head of the GNLF.

Travel Information
Kalimpong can be accessed via Darjeeling, Siliguri, NJP and Gangtok. There are jeeps that leave from each of these towns to get to Kalimpong. Regular and reserve cars can also be accessed from these areas. If taking a jeep, get into the front seat as the ride will be more comfortable for you that way.

Once in Kalimpong, it is easy to walk around and see the sights or go biking (traffic is minimal in Kalimpong)


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