Magical Bali Tour in Indonesia

Magical Bali Tour in Indonesia

Our magical Indonesia tour package will show you a country that is blessed with sweeping landscapes, a magical history and a mystical culture. The wonderful country of Indonesia is packed with over 17,000 islands, all of which are wonders of their own. However, some of the most frequently visited tourist places are limited to two islands- Java and Bali, and it is in these islands that our tour unfolds.

We have curated our magical Indonesia tour package in such a way that you get best of both of these islands. We will traverse the ancient history of the now bustling city of Jakarta and visit places like Bandung and Yogyakarta. We will also see the authentic Balinese culture as we go beyond the beaches and the parties that mark Bali.

Read below for the detailed itinerary of our magical Indonesia tour package.

Duration: 09 Nights / 10 Days
Destination Cover: Indonesia: Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali,Tanjung Benoa

Day 01: Arrive at Jakarta

Welcome as we start our magical Indonesia tour package. Today we will reach the capital city of Indonesia- Jakarta. Once you arrive at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Take some time out and freshen up before we commence on our Jakarta city tour.

Jakarta is also called the Big Durian owing to its chaotic, populated and traffic-choked life. This bustling metropolitan may not be the ideal vacation destination, yet it will start to grow on you as you witness the unique features of this city.

Jakarta used to be the heart of the Dutch colonial rule. You will still find some colonial parks and monuments that were constructed during the colonial rule.

We will start at Fatahillah Square, which was once the venue for some gruesome public executions. Brimming with history, this square will remind you of the strong colonial presence of the Dutch. The monument behind this square is a museum, which is now devoted to the history of Indonesia.

Next on our Jakarta city tour, we will move on to Central Jakarta. This is more of the modern city of Jakarta, as we are now in the 20th Century. On our magical Indonesia tour package, you will see many landmark buildings and iconic monuments here.

One of the most iconic building is the Monas, which stands proudly over Central Jakarta as if watching the day go by. There are many government buildings and the royal Presidential Palace here as well. You can also visit the top of Central Jakarta to get a wondrous view of the city skyline.

We will then walk to the Istiqlal Mosque, that is located near Central Jakarta. This mosque is the biggest in Southeast Asia. After admiring this stunning mosque, we will arrive at the Jalan Surabaya Antique Market for some much needed retail therapy. We will then wind up our Jakarta city tour with a lovely authentic lunch.

The evening is free for your leisure. You can discover the lively nightlife of this busy city, and retire for the night at your hotel in Jakarta.

Day 02: Arrive at Bandung

Enjoy a wholesome breakfast before we continue on our magical Indonesia tour package. Today we will travel to the scenic city of Bandung, which is another colonial town. Bandung is nestled in the lap of nature with towering mountains and an ethereal river basin.

We will leave early so that we are visiting this town while the sun is still in the sky.

Once you reach Bandung you will forget that you are in Asia. It resembles a little European town, with artsy cafes, little boutiques and cultural hotspots.

Upon your arrival at Bandung, we will take you to your hotel. Once you are well-rested, we will leave for Tangkuban Perahu. Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano, which erupted last in 2013. This volcano is still active, so we will take all the necessary precautions before we visit this volcano.

Next, we will visit the acres and acres of lush green tea plantation at Bandung, many of which existed even before the colonial rulers invaded this town.

We will come back to the main city area of Bandung before it gets too dark. You can then head out and enjoy a glorious. Bandung is filled with beautiful restaurants that will saris your taste buds. So, explore away.

Overnight stay at Bandung.

Day 03: Explore Bandung

Wake up with a wonderful breakfast, before we move on to our next sightseeing tour on the magical Indonesia tour package. Today you need to reach the Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park, from where we will commence our second day at Bandung.

This eco-tourism spot is alive with a lively Sudanese culture. This place is apt for travellers with children, as there are several fun activities here. You can engage in riding horses, petting rabbits or playing in a wonderfully designed children area. It is quite possible to spend the entire day at the Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park.

However, we have to move on to other beautiful places like Saung Angklung Udjo- a workshop which teaches children all about the culture of Indonesia. You will be privy to a live concert here, and you can also learn how to play a traditional musical instrument. It is quite an immersive experience, and you will give the time of your life here.

Unwind at your hotel after enjoying a hearty dinner at Bandung.

Day 04: Explore Borobudur & Prambanan

Wake up early in the morning and have a quick breakfast, before we live for Borobudur on our magical Indonesia tour package. This is an old Buddhist temple that is not only palatial but intricately designed and will make you gasp. One of the top spots in Indonesia tourism, Borobudur is adorned with 2672 panels, all of which depict the life of Buddha.

After we finish our guided tour through this mesmerising Buddhist temple, we will come back to Yogyakarta to partaken some retail therapy.

We will then break for a quick lunch, after which we will head off to Candi Prambanan, which is an ancient Hindu temple. The unique feature about this stunning temple is it keeps rising from the dead. That is, many earthquakes have ravaged this temple, however, the loan government always makes it a point to fix it.

To make your cultural Indonesia tour package more memorable, we will watch the Ramayana dance performance that takes place at Prambanan in an open-air theatre. This is a spectacle worth witnessing, as the temples start to light up and the performers liven up the audience.

Overnight stay at Yogyakarta.

Day 05: Visiting Yogyakarta’s Kraton

Finish up your hot breakfast, before we continue on our cultural Indonesia tour package. Today you have to reach the heart of Yogyakarta- Kraton. Kraton is a regal and elegant palace that is home to Indonesia’s only ruling Sultan, Hamengkubuwono IX.

We will take a full guided tour through the Kraton, and learn all about its histories and many mysteries. This will take us about two hours, after which we will traverse the museums around Kraton.

We will also indulge in some culinary tours, where we indulge in local dishes like jackfruit-based savory preparation served hot with rice, crispy beef skin, and hard-boiled egg.

We will wrap up the day by visiting few more tourist attractions like the Museum Kereta, the Taman Sari, and Masjid Gede Kauman

Overnight stay at Yogyakarta.

Day 06: Arrive at South Bali

Have an early breakfast, as we reach one of the top spots in Indonesia tourism: Bali. Upon reaching the airport, we will transfer you to your stunning hotel.

You have the entire day to yourself. You can visit the unfinished statue of Vishnu at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, or shop till your drop at the many souvenirs shops in South Bali. You can also watch the famous Kecak and fire dance or dine at the beach for a romantic and surreal affair.

Overnight stay at Bali.

Day 07: Explore Central Bali

Wake up as early as you can and have a royal breakfast. Today on our cultural Indonesia tour package, we will head to Ubud Central Bali.

Here we will not only witness the wondrous culture of Bali but also engage in several relaxed sightseeing tours.

We will visit the many art galleries and museums, including Museum Puri Lukisan. In the afternoon during lunchtime, we will wait in line to dine at the stunning Warung Ibu Oka, which is one of the most famous open-air restaurants in Bali. Here we will indulge in a typical Balinese feast. This unique restaurant is only open for lunch and closes as soon as the last pig is chopped for the dish.

After relishing our lunch we will walk down to the Jalan Monkey and indulge in the Monkey forest tour. This entire enchanted forest is scatted with scattered trees and temples which will take up to two hours to see.

After wrapping up this tour, we will go back to the Ubud town centre to witness a cultural dance at the Ubud Palace.

Overnight stay at Ubud.

Day 08: Visiting Ubud

Enjoy a relaxed and lazy breakfast at Ubud, as we continue on our magical Indonesia tour package. Today we will take it slow and explore the many laid back avenues of Ubud.

You will find many spas and meditation centres here where you can unwind and let your body and soul heal.

You also should take a sneak peek into Ubud’s shopping life. Visit the Ubud Art Market which is home to several great stalls and boutiques. Then visit the Jalan Monkey Forest, which has more of the posh and high-end shops.

Day 09: Explore Tanjung Benoa

Wake up today with a lovely breakfast as we explore our last day in Indonesia. Today we will conclude our magical Indonesia tour package by visiting Tanjung Benoa, which is the water sports hub of the island. You can engage in water sports and feel your adrenaline rising.

In the evening we will watch the devastatingly wonderful Devdan performance at the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre. Here you will be privy to the wonderful culture of Indonesia and its rich heritage.

Wrap up your last night with a lovely dinner.

Day 10: Depart

Enjoy a warm breakfast before we conclude our magical Indonesia tour package. We will depart for the airport for your onward flight.

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