About 10 kms away from the District Headquarters of Gyalshing is the town of Pelling in West Sikkim. Situated at an altitude of 1,900 m, this town is fast emerging as the second largest tourist destination in the area after Gangtok. It can best be described as a trip of road lined with hotels and this is because its main purpose to date is to provide accommodations to tourists who wish to see and visit the tourist spots nearby. It has a rich history and is culturally diverse. The town also offers an amazing view of the mountain ranges of Khang-chen-dzonga, Koktang, Rathong, Kabru North, Kabru South, Kabru Dom, Pandim, Jopuno and many others.



Monasteries - Less than a kilometer away can be found the Pemayangste monastery. Another monastery, Sanga Choling Monastery, is a 40 minute walk on a hill opposite to the Pemayangste monastery. This monastery was built in 1697 and is one of the first in the state.

Waterfalls - two of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area are Changey Waterfall and Khang-chen-dzonga waterfalls. The Rimbi waterfall is the source from which the Karchen hydro electricity powerhouse makes its electricity.

Khecheopalri Lake - this is one of the sacred lakes in Sikkim hidden in deep forest.

Rabdanse Ruins - a trek through a forested area with some rare orchid species and a few lakes will take one to these ruins. To find the track take a left turn when descending from the Pemayangtse Monastery.

Sewaro Rock Garden - this is a tourist picnic spot that was developed by the Department of Tourism. It contains lush greenery and flowers along with recreational amenities including fountains, resting sheds, stone foot paths, swimming pool, ponds and rocks. The celebration Maghe mela is held here every year in January.

Travel information
Pelling is well connected to both Siliguri and Gangtok and both jeeps and buses can be gotten from both cities to get to Pelling.


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