An Ideal Russia Tour

An Ideal Russia Tour

We at Memorable India understand the need of everyone. So we bring you a perfect Russia tour for your vacations for an 8 days Russia tour. Travelers are of different types like families, solo travelers, and friends. This Ideal tour package for Russia fits all types of travelers.

Generally, summer in Russia starts from mid-may to mid-September which is also a peak season for tourists. To avoid all these chaos during the tourist season we start the tour from Mid of the April where the sky will be clear with 15 hours of daylight. Besides these, we also provide you an English-speaking tour guide who helps you by explaining the places and also translate Russian to English.

Duration: 08 Days / 07 Nights
Destination Covers: Moscow, Kremlin, Novodevichy, New Russia, St. Petersburg, Yusupov, Pavlovsk

Day 01 - Arrival in Moscow

In Moscow, you will receive a warm welcome. You are provided with a shuttle service for pick up and drop you at the hotel. Try to book a room in the National Hotel even though it is a bit expensive but worth the stay. From here the iconic monument of Russia Red Square to St. Basil’s Cathedral are about 15 minutes radius. While you explore these areas grab a quick bite from the local restaurants.

When visiting the St. Basil’s Cathedral you will be noticing people moving in and out, don,t be surprised. Russians won’t be sitting in Church. After that visit the State Historical Museum gift shop but don’t buy any gifts here as it is a bit expensive here. You will get better gifts at an economical price in Izmailovsky Bazaar. Wind up the day by heading back to the hotel.

Day 02 -The Kremlin and Novodevichy Convent

Before heading out for sightseeing, have a buffet breakfast at the hotel. As today you will be visiting the Kremlin where you will be walking 3 to 4 miles. Your English tour guide accompanies you today to explain the place. The entrance ticket to this place is 10 to 22 dollars. When you are visiting Kremlin make sure you visit the thrones, costumes, and Fabergé eggs in the Armory or the Orlov diamond.

Later have quick lunch and visit the Moscow scenic beauty Novodevichy Convent. This Monastery built in 16 century. The peaceful place lies on the banks of the Moscow river and also it as the cemetery where all the Nobel people of Russia are buried like famous poets, writers, and politicians.

Day 03 - Moscow’s Soviet Secrets

Start your third day in Russia out of the 8 day tour by visiting the Lenin’s Tomb, in the Red square. Herewith the help of chemicals they have preserved the body of Lenin a founder of the Soviet Union. Moreover, this place opens at 10 is to make sure you be earlier. Remember don’t carry a mobile phone, camera and any kind of glass or sharp inside the tomb and also don’t keep your hands inside the pocket. Maintain silence and don’t smile which is considered offensive here. After the tomb visit, you will be heading to the cemetery where Communist muckety-mucks bodies buried.

Later visit the Museum of Contemporary Russian History here you will learn about the history of Russia while the English speaking guide explains the artifacts and other stuff. After lunch, visit the Izmailovsky Park, for shopping where you can buy things at an economical price. If you have time then try to visit the  Old Moscow Circus, if not wind up the day by heading back to the hotel.

Day 04 - New Russia

On the fourth day, you will be visiting the spiritual and post-communist reconstruction Cathedral of Christ the Savior. After exploring the place take a stroll in the nearby place and visit the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Here you will come to cross the ancient Troy stolen from Germany along with these life-size replicas of the world’s best art.

Similarly, you can also have the best look at the Athenian Parthenon, Assyrian palaces, and medieval German churches. Besides these, you will also encounter the Egyptian statue of the pharaoh Chefren to the British Museum’s Babylonian friezes so on. So make sure you spend some valid time here exploring the place.

Later visit Tretyakov Gallery which has a great collection do the Russian art and the touchstone. You can have lunch at the Museum cafe if you want to buy gifts for your kids here plenty of gift shops available. Wind up your day in Moscow by visiting the Bolshoi Ballet where you can see the amazing performance of the ballet.

Day 05 - St. Petersburg

On the fifth day, you will be reaching the vibrant and Romantic city of Russia St. Petersburg. Here the English tour guide receives you and helps you by taking to the famous Neva River on the way to the river you will witness the real beauty of the city. Have lunch at Strelka, later head towards the Peter and Paul Fortress visit the cathedral built by peter founder of the city. If you are interested then visit the prison where the peter’s son was jailed. Later visit the  St. Isaac’s Cathedral one of the largest  Cathedral of the country and the Eliseev Palace once the mansion of the Eliseev.

Day 06 - The Hermitage and the Yusupov Palace

On the sixth day of Russia tour for 8 days, you will be visiting the Hermitage Palace. That was once the residence of the world’s wealthiest royal family. Now it turned into the world’s largest museum with million art work whereas here only one-fifth of the collection can be displayed at a time. However, the Winter Palace alone has 1,057 rooms which are one among the five buildings. The place opens at 10.30 by the time be ready with a pair of comfortable shoes and an English speaking guide.

Find out Hidden Treasures Revealed which displays french and stolen german paintings and never misses the Treasure Gallery tour. After visiting the Russian royals indescribable wealth and the artwork. Visit the Yusupov Palace which takes 30 minutes from the Hermitage before heading to Yusupov palace have lunch at the museum cafe.

Yusupov is a place where once Russian wealthy families resided. Visit the Buffet Room used by the royal family, the secret staircase sneaks backstage to meet the prima ballerina and the basement room. The palace ceiling is decorated with the paper-mâché chandeliers and trompe l’oeil ceilings. Later on, the 6th day evening gets ready for the Mariinsky Ballet where the entree fee is around $15–$28.

Day 07 - Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk

The town is a world heritage site where the former Russian Imperial Family resided which is located 24 km from the St. Petersburg south-central. Now this town belongs to the part of the Pushkin.  After learning the historic facts of Russia and German invasion. Admiring the excellent artwork of Alexander Pushkin’s. The next place to stop by is Pavlovsk Palace which gives tourists an excellent architectural feat. Apart from these strolls in the free-form English-style gardens and the French-style gardens.

Later in the twilight time visit the canal dock where you can go for the boat ride enjoying the scenic view of the place with the twilight rise. Wind up your day by enjoying the delicious local cuisine with live music.

Day 08 - Last day in St. Petersburgr

On the last day of the Russian tour for 8 days before the flight back to your respected home country. Try to visit the place of your interest. If you are into dance then visit the ballet show, if you feel like need more thing to buy then visit the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory which offeres you an excellent discount. Otherwise, visit the Peterhof which has more than 250 fountains with golden statues. If time permits also visit the Chinese Pavilion at Oranienbaum. Based on the availability of time and interest you can visit the remaining places

To know more about the historic tour to Russia visit our website Memorable India. That provides you the required information about Russia tour for 8 days or just give us a call +91-9871148514.

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