An Amazing Russia Tour

An Amazing Russia Tour

Memorable India brings you a new ecstatic tour package, Russia tour for 2 weeks. Since we know two weeks is not enough to visit the vast continent. We take you to the top tourist places and also the offbeat place.

Best travel means in Russia

As Russia is vast, traveling in the right mode of transport help tourists to have a pleasant trip. Getting a budget airline is quite difficult here so the best option while traveling in Russia is Train.

The train journey in Russia gives the tourist a very good experience as it is the best option for overnight traveling. So opt for train travel than domestic flights and buses. As bus travel is quite uncomfortable whereas the price of the train and buses is the same.

To know more about train availability and ticket booking, visit Russian railways website.

Traveling by renting a car is not recommendable due to heavy traffic and poor road maintenance. Besides this frequent police checking.

Duration: 14 Days / 13 Nights
Destination Covers: St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Moscow, Kazan, Sochi

Day 01 -03 St. Petersburg

The romantic Russian city has many things to offer tourists, especially during summertime which is during June and July. At this time of year, the city doesn’t sleep, this is called white night. The best way to explore the amazing city is through public transport as it as very good public transport. Metro rail is an economical and easy way of transport here.

In St. Petersburg you will be spending three days. In these three days, you will be visiting a few important tourist sites which are Hermitage Museum/Winter palace for this place you need to book tickets in prior as these will be crowded with tourists. Next, visit a few architectural marvels in the city to know about Russia’s architecture St Isaac’s Cathedral and the Church of the savior of spilled blood.

The next day visits the Mariinsky Theater to watch opera or ballet. After the show visit the Peterhof which has more than 150 fountains and golden statues. It is fun to visit these gardens besides these visit Catherine Palace, park, Metro station, and the drawing bridge.

Day 04 - Veliky Novgorod

On the fourth day of the Russia tour for 2 weeks onboard a train to Veliky Novgorod city which is 2h 50 minutes. This uniqueness of this city is that it’s one of the oldest cities in Russia that lies between St Petersburg and Moscow. Moreover, here tourists can walk and go to the sightseeing places. This small city has many Monasteries, churches and also one of the good places to know about the history of Russia. Here you will be visiting Novgorod Kremlin, St. Sophia Cathedral, Yuriev Monastery, Millenium of Russian monument and so on.

Day 05 - 07 Moscow

You will board a night train to Moscow to save time since the total journey duration is 8 hours. The capital city blends of old Russian style architecture along with the modern Skyscraper buildings. Moscow has very huge traffic which makes it impossible to visit all the sightseeing places. To have a pleasant and memorable trip one has to opt for Metro service to explore in the city. Here you get hotels in all ranges and therefore no need to worry about the budget. Try to get accommodation near the city center to save time.

Places to visit in Moscow are Moscow Kremlin, a world-renowned iconic building of Russia Saint Basil’s Cathedral in red square. Whereas on the sixth and seventh-day visit the Kolomenskoye, Tretyakov gallery and the Mosocows Metro while traveling in Metro which considered the world’s 6th largest metro station.

Day 08 - 09 Kazan

To reach this place board a night train as it takes 11 hours from Moscow. When you visit this Kazan you will witness a different Russia. Recently FIFA world cup also took place here and from then it became a new tourist destination in Russia. The places to visit in Kazan are Kazan Kremlin, Kul Sharif Mosque, Millennium park of Kazan and so on

Day 10 - 12 Sochi

On the tenth day of the Russian tour for 2 weeks, you will be taking a flight to the Sochi. This is popular for the beaches and the sunbath whereas during winter skiing and snowboard. This place is well known from the 2014 Winter Olympics. This place bustles with tourists throughout the year. You can go hiking, swimming in the black sea waters. Besides this, you can also visit sightseeing places here.

Day 13 - Back to St. Petersburg

From Sochi, you head back the St. Petersburg. It is one of the longest rides of the entire trip. On train it takes 2 nights and one day. However, in-flight it takes is 3 h 30 minutes but only three flights fly between these cities. So based on your comfort levels and budget you can choose the mode of transport.

Day 14 - Last day at St. Petersburg

Finally, the ecstatic Russia tour for 2 weeks comes to an end with beautiful moments and lifetime memories for you to remember. Besides this, you can go shopping in the city and if you have time before boarding the flight, visit a few tourist attractions sites.

To know more about the tour visit our website Memorable India or just give us a call.

Note: While traveling to Russia Download a google translator which helps you to translate Russian words into English.

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