Belgrade and Balkan Europe Tour

Belgrade and Balkan Europe Tour

This 16 day Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package will take you through the lengths and breadths of the wondrous European cities that will amaze and mesmerise you. This Europe tour from India will show you the best of European tourism countries like Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. These delightful cities are part of the European culture and will enchant you to the fullest. Walkthrough the pebbled roads, the ancient stone bridges, admire the lush green mountains, or just sit by the Danube and watch the surreal European life go by.

Brimming with the best of European tourism, this Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package will take you through the best tourist spots, the oldest churches, the historic monuments and the best restaurants. You will find yourself admiring the Byzantine Monuments on one day, and relaxing by the bay at Dubrovnik.

Read below the details of the Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package itinerary.

Duration: 16 Days/ 15 Nights
Destination Covers: Belgrade, Skopje, Ohrid, Thessaloniki, Athens, Kalambaka, Tirana, Kotor, Trogir, Sarajevo

Day 01- Arrive at Belgrade

Upon your arrival in Belgrade, you will be transferred to your hotel from the airport. After getting adequate rest and freshening up in your room, head off to a wondrous guided tour in the city. On your Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package, witness the best of Belgrade at a glance and let the aura of this city wash over you. Watch the winding roads and the historic squares and stroll at the lush green Kalemegdan Park. At the park, you will also find the legendary Kelmegdan Fortress and the serene Danube River.

Stay for the night at Belgrade.

Day 02- Explore Belgrade

After a delicious breakfast just head out and explore the city of Belgrade. You have the entire day to yourself to do as you please. You shop at the bustling markets or take a culinary adventure at Skadarlija. You can visit some ancient churches or let your hair down at some lively nightclubs. Wrap up the evening by having an elegant dinner by the river. The opportunities are limitless in this European city.

There are several tours that you can undertake as well- a walking city tour, or a river cruise to feel the essence of Belgrade.

You will be staying overnight at Belgrade.

Day 03- Arrive at Skopje

Enjoy a quick and early breakfast at Belgrade before leaving for the magical city of Skopje (Macedonia) on this Europe Tourism tour.

Once you reach Skopje you will be transferred to your hotel, where you can freshen up before enjoying a warm afternoon city tour. Feel the music of the city of Skopje as you walk through the heart of the city. Gaze at the Kale Fortress, hear all the stories about the Church of the Holy Saviour, shop at the bustling Old Bazaar and stroll across the Stone bridge. This walking tour will show take you through the best of Skopje.

Overnight stay at Skopje

Day 04- Stay at Ohrid

After a hearty meal at Skopje, you will be going to Ohrid which is also a world heritage site. This European tourist site is also called the ‘Macedonian Jerusalem’, Ohrid will surely mesmerise you. Located in the laps of a large lake, Ohrid is brimming with ancient churches giving the town a positive aura on your Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package.

You will be taken on a guided European tourism tour of Ohrid. You discover the magic of the admirable St. Sofia church, which is adorned with vibrant Byzantine fresco paintings, and the St. Clement Church.

After a wonderful day of sightseeing unwind at your hotel and stay the night.

Day 05- Arrive at Thessaloniki

Enjoy a warm meal at Ohrid before setting off for the Greek town of Thessaloniki as we continue on our Balkan Europe tour package. Known for its Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments (UNESCO Sites) It is also blessed with shores and magnificent cliffs lined dotted with cafes, bars and restaurants that will make you gasp.

You will also make a stop at Bitola, where you can quickly munch on some delicate delicacies that will make you go back for more. You can also opt for a relaxing tour to Bitola.

Stay the night at Thessaloniki

Day 06- Arrive at Athens

Enjoy a Greek breakfast before leaving for the ancient town of Athens. Before you reach Athens, on your Balkan Europe tour package, we will take a detour and witness the glorious town of Volos on the Pagasetic Gulf. This mystical town finds its mention in the Greek mythologies, and you can feel the fairy tale vibe from the moment you reach this town.

You can take a bike or just walk along the marvellous foreshore. Have a lovely lunch at one of the cafes that mark the foreshore and enjoy the stunning views.

Stay at Athens for the night.

Day 07- Explore Athens

On this day you can explore Athens all on your own. Just traverse this historic city and take a step back in time and hear all the great anecdotes that Athens has to offer. Have a proper European tour and witness the wonders of Athens.

You can also take the famous Half Day Acropolis Tour or Corinth Canal Tour to make your day even more memorable.

Overnight stay in Athens.

Day 08- Enjoying Kalambaka

Start your head with a delightful Greek breakfast before heading off to another a UNESCO World Heritage site- Meteora. Meteora is bustling with enchanting monasteries and amazing sandstone pillars that make this town even more alluring.

To make your Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package even more exciting, in the evening you will relish the rural delights of a small Greek Village called Kalambaka. Revel in the folklores as you spend the night at Kalambaka.

Day 09- Exploring Tirana

Enjoy your last Greek breakfast, as today we will head off to Tirana (Albania). Before reaching the gorgeous city of Tirana, we will stop at the stunning Drilon springs. Drilon spring is a world-famous national park, which is completely wooded with a lake in the middle of the island. It is so fascinating that you would not want to leave. There is an adorable bridge to help you access the restaurants and enjoy a little meal. You can also rent a rowboat and fulfil all your European tourism dreams.

Stay the night at Tirana.

Day 10- Stay at Kotor

Relish a hearty breakfast at Tirana, before we drive down to Budva in Montenegro. Nestled in the laps of flushing natural beauty, with lush bay islands and sandy beaches, Budva also has some wonderful historic marvels.

The Old Town of Budva is brimming with a treasure chest full of cultural sites and historic monuments. The streets are pebbled and narrow alleys give it a spark of magic. The large squares are resplendent with monuments like the Church St. Trojica, the Churches of St. Ivan, St. Bogorodica and St. the Sava.

After enjoying a quick rendezvous with Budva, we will reach the lovely Bay Of Kotor, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see monuments like the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon inside the Old Town.

Enjoy a lovely dinner at one of the old squares before retiring to your hotel room.

You will be staying at Kotor for the night.

Day 11- Enjoying Trogir

As we continue on our Belgrade and Balkan European package tour, we will head down to the mesmerising coast of Dubrovnik today. Located in the heart of Croatia, this UNESCO World Heritage Site as also featured in the popular TV Show Game Of Thrones.

This city is quite well preserved by epic stone walls and has earned itself the title of ’Pearl of the Adriatic’.

Once you arrive you will be taken through the wondrous sites of Dubrovnik, as you enjoy the amazing views of the Adriatic sea. Witness the bubbling Big Onofrio’s Fountain, the 13th-century Franciscan monastery and the marvellous Sponza and Rector’s Palaces.

After you finish your Dubrovnik, we will drive down to Trogir through the Adriatic coastline.

Stay the night at Trogir.

Day 12- Explore Mostar

Have a quick breakfast at Trogir as we travel to the wonderful city of Split on this day. As we continue on our legendary Belgrade and Balkans European package tour, the city of Split will take your breath away. Once you reach here, we will commence the walking city tour, as we traverse sites like Diocletian Palace, The Mausoleum, St. Dujam’s Cathedral, Cathedral Treasury, Temple of Jupiter, St. Martin’s Church. The tour will end at the bustling fruit square after a quick visit to the regal Venetian castle.

As we finish our tour we will then have a heart lunch and drive down to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enjoy the wonders of European Tourism in Mostar and stay the night.

Day 13- Arrive and explore Sarajevo

Start your day with a lovely breakfast and head out for a guided tour to Mostar. Mostar was once heavily bombed during the war but has now been rebuilt and turned into a wonderful city brimming with anecdotes and stories. We will witness the wonders of the famous Stone Bridge. This bridge was built way back in 16th Century and now stands as the pride of Mostar.

After witnessing some more iconic Mostar sites, we will drive down to Sarajevo- the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This town is nestled in the laps of the green mountains of Herzegovina.

After relishing the wondrous natural beauties of Sarajevo retire to the hotel and stay the night here.

Day 14- The wonders of Sarajevo

Have a lovely European breakfast before we head off for another exciting day on our Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package. Today we will head off for a guided tour of Sarajevo. This historic city met with one of the most devastating wars for about twenty years. Yet, today it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and occupies quite an important part of Europe tourism.

Marked with a wonderful confluence of the east and the west, Sarajevo is dotted with vibrant mosques, radiating minarets and a lingering aroma of coffee.

If you wish to make Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package even more exciting in you can opt for tours like Tunnel of Hope and Vrelo Bosne in the afternoon.

Spend our evening by feasting on a wonderful meal at Bascarsija, which is Sarajevo’s oldest market. Don’t forget to sample ’bosanski cevapi’ (grilled minced meat mixed with mild spices, which is their local delicacy.

Rest at your hotel after this hectic day and stay the night at Sarajevo.

Day 15- Back to Belgrade

After a wonderful breakfast, we will continue on tour Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package and head back to Belgrade. Wrap up your last day by visiting the old Catholic Churches and walk through the wonderful museums to know all about the history of Belgrade.

Enjoy a hot and delicious European dinner before retiring to bed at Belgrade.

Day 16- Depart

Today the Belgrade and Balkan Europe tour package comes to an end. Have a wholesome and lovely European meal, before we take you to the Belgrade airport for your flight back home.

After breakfast, our tour concludes with a transfer to Belgrade airport.

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