Ultimate Bali Indonesia Experience

Ultimate Bali Indonesia Experience

The country of Indonesia is not only culturally diverse but also scenic, and that is exactly what we are offering through our best of nature Indonesia tour package. This stunning country is blessed with natural avenues, cascading waterfalls, dense jungles and a vibrant marine life, coupled with some of the finest beaches.

On this tour, we will traverse the vibrant nature of Indonesia, and take a deep dive into the active volcanoes, the pristine beaches in Gili islands and the beaches of Bali. This 11-day tour will take through the heart of nature and let you relax. We will also enjoy some of the most delicious seafood dishes and the enthralling culture of these natural towns of Indonesia.

Read below our detailed 11 days best of nature Indonesia tour package itinerary:

Duration: 10 Nights / 11 Days
Destination Cover: Indonesia, Bali, Gili Islands, Munduk Waterfall, Java

Day 01 – Arrive Bali

Welcome to the best of nature Indonesia tour package. Today we will arrive at the premier Indonesian tourism hotspot: Bali. This serene Indonesian island is brimming with lush green palm trees, thundering waves and trickling grainy sand.

After arriving at Bali we will first take you to your hotel, after which you can change and head out for a relaxed Bali beach tour. You can visit the white sand beaches of Jimbaran and sample some authentic and delicious seafood. Spend the evening sitting by the crowded beach and enjoy a romantic dinner at the many sea view restaurants that Bali has to offer.

Day 02 – Explore Bali

Have a delicious breakfast at your hotel, before we jet off to the town of Ubud. Today on our best of nature Indonesia tour package, we will just stroll through this traditional town of Bali and feel the rush of culture and rituals along the way.

We will witness an enthralling Balinese dance performance and wind up the day with a traditional and ethnic dinner.

Day 03 – Arrive At Gili Islands

Wake up to a warm breakfast, as we spend our third day of the best of nature Indonesia tour package exploring stunning temples and the bustling life of Ubud. We will start with visiting the Pura Taman Saraswati temple, which overlooks a mesmerising pond brimming with lilies.

After finishing off with some retail therapy we will leave for the majestic Gili islands. You have to reach Padang Bai by bus first, from where speedboats to Gili islands depart.

We should be there at Gili islands by afternoon, after which we will check you in to your hotel. The rest of the day on our best of nature Indonesia tour package is up to you to explore and wander about.

Make sure to watch the marvellous sunset by the beach, and witness as the sun slowly paints the surroundings into a lovely golden hue. It is one of the most popular tourist activity in Indonesia.

Day 04 – Take a deep dive

Have a quick breakfast, early in the morning, as we start our best of nature Indonesia tour package with an adventure. First, we will catch the mesmerising sunrise by the valley, and follow it up with a snorkelling trip.

One of the leading activities in Indonesian tourism, snorkelling will take you to a whole different world. A little speedboat will take you to the three Gili islands, which have the best spots for snorkelling. Just take a deep breath and dive into a world of wonder.

After your colourful snorkelling experience, we will have a mouth-watering lunch by the sea.

Come back to your hotel after lunch. The evening is free for your desire. You can lay on the beach, stroll through the cold water or click photographs by the iconic swings.

Make sure to visit the centre of the island as well, where the locals live. Here you can gain a deep insight into their culture and try some lovely local delicacies.

Wrap up the evening with a cocktail in your hand as you gaze at the starry sky and hear the gushes of the waves.

Day 05 – Arrive at Bali again

Enjoy a wholesome breakfast on your last day at Gili Air, on our best of nature Indonesia tour package. Just enjoy the stunning view and the natural beauty of Gili, before we head back to Bali. You can also spend a little time going in and around Padang Bai or head off to the Blue Lagoon.

Take the day off and unwind at your hotel.

Day 06 – Feel the culture of Bali

Wake up to a lovely breakfast, as we start our best of nature Indonesia tour package for the day. Today we will dive first into the local spirit of Bali, and have an entire day of sightseeing.

Today the tour starts early, so be prepared. We will start by visiting the rolling meadows of rice terraces, followed by a religious visit to the Pura Gunung Kawi temple. We will then visit the Pura Tirta Empul temple, which is known for its magical waters. Next, we move on to Mount Batur volcano, where we will break for lunch. The Mount Batur area is one of the most scenic places you will find in Bali. With imposing mountains and an intimidating volcano, this place is a must-visit. The views of Bali is also quite mesmerising from here. The Geopark at Mount Batur is also projected by UNESCO.

Next, we will visit a local temple called Pura Tegeh Kahuripan. This temple is resplendent with a long flight of stairs, so it is up to you whether you want to walk to the top or not. However, the effort is worth it. We will head to another time after this: The Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. Located by a lake, this temple is the icon of Bali. From here we will visit the picture-perfect twin lakes. Most of the Bali snapshots are of this beautiful lake, brimming with swings, handmade platforms and nests!

In the afternoon we will head to the Munduk village, which is the perfect example of the rural side of Bali. Unwind for the day as we stay at Munduk today.

Day 07 – The Munduk Waterfall

Wake up with an amazing breakfast and the fresh countryside air. Today on our best of nature Indonesia tour package we will hike up to the Munduk waterfalls. The hike should take about three hours, after which we will be privy to the cascading water of the Muduk waterfall.

We will then leave for Pemuteran. Along the way, we will stop at the relaxing and healing Banjar hot springs and the Brahmavihara Arama, which is the only Buddhist temple located in Bali.

Once we arrive at Pemuteran on our best of nature Indonesia tour package, we will take you to your hotel. You can then either embark on some more snorkelling or visit the Turtle Hatchery to play with some baby turtles.

Day 08 – Java

Start your day with a lovely breakfast and spend the morning at the beach. In the afternoon we will commence our best of nature Indonesia tour package. We will take a bus to Gilimanuk from where we will board a ferry to East Java.

Once we arrive in Java we will take the day off and you can explore the town on your own. Sleep well, since the next day we will have an adventurous tour.

Day 09 – Travelling an active volcano

Today you have to wake up at the middle of the night, as we will be hiking up the Ijen volcano. The hike will be a completely guided tour so don’t worry about the pitch darkness that you will encounter when you leave your hotel.

Once you climb the ljen volcano, do down to the iconic crater. Here we will witness the majestic blue flames that fill one with wonder. Soon enough the sun will start to rise. You can also talk to miners who come here to work. This hike on our best of nature Indonesia tour package is quite mesmerising and eye-opening.

You can take the rest of the day off to unwind and relax after this enthralling yet tiring hike.

Day 10 – Hiking another volcano

Start with a quick breakfast early in the morning as we embark on another active volcano hike on our best of nature Indonesia tour package. We will have to take a bus from Probolinggo and reach Cemoro Lawang. This is the base of Mt. Bromo, which is an active volcano. We will take all the necessary precautions and information before we embark on this trio.

We will also explore the area before we start our hike. The hike to the Bromo crater is not only refreshing but also daring. It is quite something to climb an active volcano!

We will then go back to the hotel to wrap up for the day. Get a good night sleep, as we will wake up early the next day as well.

Day 11 – Depart

Today is the last day of our best of nature Indonesia tour package, so we will end it with a bang. Today we will walk to the viewing point to catch the mesmerising sunrise. Watch as the entire valley starts to do away with the darkness and welcomes the rays of the sun.

After the sunrise, we will go back to the hotel and head back home. We need to head back top Probolinggo to take a train to Surabaya. From Surabaya, we have to fly to Jakarta, from where we will depart from Indonesia, and thus conclude our best of nature Indonesia tour package.

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